Weekly Picks (3/13/2020)

Deap Lips – Deap LipsThis is a collaboration between Deap Vally and Flaming Lips that fuses experimental rock with psychedelic pop. Circles Around The Sun – Circles Around The SunInstrumental rock with a psychedelic fusion twist chills you out. This project was started as the prelude music to Grateful Dead concerts? L.A. Takedown – OurContinue reading “Weekly Picks (3/13/2020)”

The Golden Fleece at Rozz Tox (3/12/2020)

Emily and I went to Rozz Tox in Rock Island, IL for the first time yesterday to see The Golden Fleece and Holy Wave. Rozz Tox seems like a nice little hipster bar in downtown Rock Island. I’d estimate that there were a few dozen people at the venue for the show. The Golden Fleece’sContinue reading “The Golden Fleece at Rozz Tox (3/12/2020)”