The Golden Fleece at Rozz Tox (3/12/2020)

Emily and I went to Rozz Tox in Rock Island, IL for the first time yesterday to see The Golden Fleece and Holy Wave. Rozz Tox seems like a nice little hipster bar in downtown Rock Island. I’d estimate that there were a few dozen people at the venue for the show.

The Golden Fleece’s set started late at about 8:30 PM and ended at about 10:00 PM. We decided not to stick around for Holy Wave as it was Thursday: a work night. I listened to both bands’ music on Spotify during the day and they both sounded great.

The Golden Fleece put on a good show, though. They are a psychedelic rock band from Peoria, IL. Their set consisted of long psychedelic jams in front of a screen showing some trippy visuals. I took some pictures in the dark venue. You can mostly just see the outlines of the two guitarists, while the drummer and bassist are lit by the projector.

I left and forgot to buy some merch so I’ll probably download their discography off of their Bandcamp. Overall, it was a good time and a good night.

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