An Introduction to FLACMAN.RIP

My name is Mike. Today, I’m making my goal of sharing my love, thoughts, insights and analysis of music a reality through this web site. I’m an IT guy that’s proficient with computers. I’ve always held a fascination for technology and what it can do for us. Years ago, I realized that my passion for technology directly intersects with my passion for music.

I found myself using computers to manage a massive music library, share that library across networks and for waveform and spectral analysis. At some point, I took an interest in masterings and how multiple masterings of the same album affected waveforms, spectrograms and most importantly, how it affects fidelity and perceived sound quality. My interest in masterings of music albums made me an avid reader and occasional poster on the Steve Hoffman Forums and consequently, I’ve become an audiophile that seeks out excellent masterings for music that I enjoy.

My primary goal is to share my interest in music with others, but that’s not all that I have planned for the site. I’d also like to share my burgeoning interest in writing and reading poetry with others. I understand that poetry isn’t for everyone, but neither is writing about music and audio equipment. In short, we’ll see how it goes.

I used to keep personal journals of musical analysis and poetry. Why am I “going public” with it all? Quite simply, I want to connect with friends and with new people that may be interested in my insight on these topics. Maybe you’ll learn something new and I’ll learn something too?

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